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Saturday, 23 June 2018

Vasílis Pandís, A Poem, "May Day" ("Mayday"); Mon Repos, Corfu.

Mon Repos, Corfu

When I was in Corfu last week, I bought a slim volume of poems by Vasílis Pandís, a talented young Corfiot poet and translator. I made a translation of one of the poems that impressed me.

May Day

The First of May, the grey skin of a snake
Shed deep in the gardens of Mon Repos,
Near the paths where the thrushes sing –

Over there, hidden in the balmy undergrowth,
The naked snake
Lies in wait for me.

Vasílis Pandís

(Translation, Jim Potts).

Vasílis Pandís was born in Corfu in 1997.

 "Chásma Vathí" (Deep Chasm) is his first book of poetry (2018).


It's a pity I didn't manage to capture the idea inherent in the poetic Greek φιδοπουκαμισο, "fidhopoukamiso" (φιδοδερμα) which suggests that the snake, or serpent (?) had shed or stripped off its grey shirt (skin).

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