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Friday, 22 June 2018

Greece's Creditors Agree to Debt Deal; Enhanced Supervision, Oversight and Controls; Monitoring and Evaluation of Implementation

From Bloomberg

"Greece’s euro-area creditors struck a landmark deal to ease repayment terms on some of the nation’s loans in an effort to ease its mountain of debt and clear the way for it to exit the lifeline that’s kept it afloat since 2010".

Maybe now the Greek State can afford to help deal with the mountains of garbage on Corfu.

Eurozone gets deal to pave way for end to Greece's bailout, ABC News

Eurozone agrees deal to bring Greece out of financial crisis, The Guardian

Greece Gets Debt Relief, Greek Reporter

Στενή εποπτεία και ελάφρυνση χρέους με δεσμεύσεις,

Close oversight and debt relief with commitments:
"Enhanced supervision is not a clear exit. Enhanced surveillance, with systematic controls. These controls, depending on the performance of the Greek authorities, will send positive or negative signals to the country on the markets, facilitating or hindering the borrowing of the Greek government, respectively".

Eurogroup: Εποπτεία και μέτρα για χρέος υπό όρους, Kathimerini

"The post-memorandum monitoring is essentially the same as during the memorandum period. Institutions, including the IMF, will come to Athens every quarter and will assess the implementation of the government's commitments in both fiscal and reform policies. At the end of each evaluation, they will produce a report to the Eurogroup and the European Parliament. The report will be publicized, which means that the performance of the country and the markets will be assessed".

Eurogroup deal for Greece clinched after marathon session, eKathimerini

Jean-Claude Juncker‏ @JunckerEU

"Eurogroup agreement paves way for successful conclusion of the programme and a new chapter for the country. I will always fight for Greece to be at the heart of Europe. I pay tribute to the Greek people for their resilience and European commitment. Their efforts were not in vain".

"A fudge of sorts...another can down the road" - Eurointelligence.

Critics Pour Cold Water on Greek Debt Deal, Greek Reporter

Historic Moment as Greek PM Wears a Tie, Pappas Post

Tsipras finally wears a tie – to celebrate the Eurogroup deal, KTG

Varoufakis Says Debt Deal ‘Extends Greek Bankruptcy into 2060’, Greek Reporter

An agreement on Greek debt that satisfies both sides, The Greek Crisis

"The Greeks Can Now Smile!" - After Having Benefited From The "Biggest Solidarity The World Has Ever Seen.”, Observing Greece

Many different points of view. I'm none the wiser.

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