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Tuesday, 12 June 2018

"The Republic of North Macedonia": Name Agreed; Severna Macedonja

Full transcript of the agreement (pdf)

From Reuters: Greece says agreed to recognize Macedonia as 'Republic of North Macedonia'

From eKathimerini: Tsipras: 'Republic of North Macedonia' for universal use

Severna Macedonja

Update The Greek Crisis/FT

Macedonia and Greece: Deal after 27-year row over a name, BBC News

"Under the deal, the country known at the United Nations as Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (Fyrom) will be named Severna Makedonija, or Republic of North Macedonia. Its language will be Macedonian and its people known as Macedonians (citizens of the Republic of North Macedonia). Significantly, they agreed that the new name would be used both internationally and bilaterally, so that even the 140 or more countries that recognise the name Macedonia will also have to adopt North Macedonia. They also agreed that the English name could be used as well as the Slavic term"

Greece to Recognize ‘Macedonian’ Language, Ethnicity, Greek Reporter

Μητσοτάκης: Ο κ. Τσίπρας περιφρόνησε τον ελληνικό λαό - Τον καλώ να μην υπογράψει, To Vima

‘Macedonia’ issue a lost chance for consensus, eKathimerini

Political firestorm over name deal, eKathimerini

Greek government faces censure over Macedonia deal, John Psaropoulos, The New Athenian

Update, BBC

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