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Saturday, 27 May 2017

The European Union in Corfu and the Ionian Islands

I was given a bag of goodies (in Greek) in Corfu Town this morning -
 a notebook, a CD, a poster, various leaflets about the EU and my rights.
A pity the EU didn't fund similar handouts of freebies and
useful  information in the streets of British towns. 
A lot of Brits had little or no idea about the projects,
national and regional,  that the EU had helped to fund in the UK,
I suspect.

I welcomed the pack of material, which I shall read (in Greek) with interest.

Perhaps the most useful item was the good-quality hardback spiral notebook ("EU In My Region" on the cover) with its blank white pages, which I plan to devote to my thoughts and observations
 about the EU, Grexit and Brexit.

I was most grateful, as I was many years ago, when we were presented with a large sack of excellent rice, courtesy of the EU. That was in Epirus. 
I gathered then that most of the villagers fed their free sacks of rice to their animals, as they didn't like the taste of that variety of rice for their own consumption.
It's an expensive business, public relations, and it doesn't always have the desired effect.

I shall study my rights as a EU citizen (CD on left), 
wondering how long the English, Welsh, Northern Irish and the Scots will be able to enjoy them.

We're still included in the literature, for now. In the EU "Passport" (immediately above, on the right),
we should be proud that our most representative cuisine and favourite dishes are described as eggs and bacon, fish and chips, shepherd's pie and bangers and mash.

The three most famous Britons are listed as David Beckham, Paul McCartney and William Shakespeare.

Greek food, for comparison, is represented by mousaka, stifadho and galaktoboureko (dessert of semolina custard in filo).

Famous Greeks: Plato, Aristotle, Onassis, Alexander the Great.

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