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Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Iannis Smaragdis on his Film “Kazantzakis”; Καζαντζάκης

From Greek News Agenda - The film, based on Kazantzakis autobiographical novel “Report to Greco”, deals with the fascinating personality of Kazantzakis, one of the most prolific figures in Greek literature.

Καζαντζάκης - Official Teaser Trailer, YouTube

Η τελευταία συνέντευξη του Νίκου Καζαντζάκη

"Speak, almond tree,
Speak to me of God" -
Behold, the almond tree blossomed.

Mt. Athos, Christmas Eve, 1914,
(After Kazantzakis and Sikelianos).

Another Kazantzakis movie trailer (Vimeo)

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