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Thursday, 25 May 2017

DNA Tests and Ancestry Sites (BBC Radio 4)

Are you descended from a Viking? If so, what is your Viking /Scandinavian DNA percentage?

This BBC Radio programme (from 12.15 am, UK time, 25 May, 2017) discusses ancestry sites and DNA tests, and how robust the results might be. The larger the database, the more comparative information there is, and the more helpful the results, it seems. Apparently the results are reasonably robust in terms of identifying genetic communities if one goes back 1000 years, but less accurate if one goes back only 200 years. But maybe your DNA will match with that of an unknown second cousin, and thus help you trace descendants of shared great-grandparents.

"The popular ancestry site that claims the right to make money out of your DNA forever" - BBC programme information.

Who retains the rights to the information and your personal DNA data? Do you really want to share the results? Can you opt out or delete the data?

"Y-Chromosome" DNA testing was once described as "genetic astrology", according to a speaker on this interesting feature on the consumer affairs programme You and Yours. 

Different companies' tests may come up with different results.

Worth a listen.

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