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Monday, 15 May 2017

Ireland and the Challenge of Brexit, BBC Hard Talk with Ireland's Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade, Charles Flanagan

BBC World Service Radio Interview - Ireland's Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade - Charles Flanagan (Listen on BBC iPlayer, 29 days left)

"Stephen Sackur is in Dublin for a special edition of HARDtalk. Ireland has bounced back from the financial crisis of 2008, but now it is being swept by a new wave of apprehension. This time it’s all about Brexit. When Britain leaves the European Union, Ireland will suffer significant collateral damage – in terms of jobs, trade, and the status of its borders. HARDtalk speaks to Ireland’s foreign and trade minister Charles Flanagan – will Brexit have catastrophic consequences across the Irish Sea?"

Grayson Perry, Britain is Best, Paragon Press

How many Brits still support Remain (according to Guido Fawkes, and a YouGov poll, apparently)

YouGov - Forget 52%. The rise of the “Re-Leavers” mean the pro-Brexit electorate is 68%

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