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Friday, 5 May 2017

Dorset County Council Election Results 2017 - Summary

From Dorset For You

"All the votes have been counted. Please note that the numbers shown may still be updated in the case of errors or new information".

Results by party

Party                                      Seats won

Conservative                                 32

Green                                              2

Independent or No Party                0

Labour                                            0

Labour and Cooperative                 1

Liberal Democrat                         11

UKIP                                           0

West Dorset

Conservative                        6 seats won

Green                                   0 seats won

Labour                                 0 seats won

Liberal Democrat                5 seats won

UKIP                                   0 seats won

The total number of votes cast for each party was:

Conservative    19,822 44%
Lib Dem           16,799 37%
Labour               4,601 10%
Green                 3,514 8%

Dorset Echo report

UK update - Local and mayoral results: Conservatives make gains, BBC

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