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Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Sappho: Bluebells (ΣΑΠΦΩ) - A deeper shade of blue


The shepherds lead their flock to grass
and crush the bluebells as they pass;
the distant mountains drink their hue
and glimmer back a deeper blue.

Sappho, translated by Theodore Stephanides

Available direct from the publisher, Colenso Books.
If you are interested, you can enquire about book sales at this email address:

(Photos below by Jim Potts - "Nature lovers beware - products of more than one place and one country")

οιαν ταν υακινθον εν ωρεσι
ποιμενες ανδρες ποσσι
καταστειβοισι , χαμαι δε
το πορφυρον ανθος ...
[κειται ]
ετσι οπως τον υακινθο καταπατουν
με τα ποδια τους στο βουνο βοσκοι
και το πορφυρο ανθος στο χωμα...

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