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Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Article 50: defusing the Brexit timebomb, FT Animated Video - Mission Impossible?

Watch here - "The EU and UK are squaring up for a tough battle as Brexit negotiations get under way. FT Brussels bureau chief Alex Barker looks at a separation process that’s shaping up to be mission impossible". FT

Creator: David McWilliams. Writer & narration: Alex Barker. Design & animation: Mark Flood. Producer: Aoife O'Brien.

Nicola Sturgeon abandons bid to remain in EU as poll shows record level of Euroscepticism in Scotland

Professor A C Grayling: "I like to be a citizen of a community which can boast in its heritage Beethoven and Goethe, Shakespeare and Descartes, Leonardo da Vinci and Newton, Einstein and Moliere, Kant and Vermeer, Dante and Diderot, Spinoza and Titian, Balzac and Milton, Faraday and Proust, Yeats and Fermat, and the rest of a pantheon stretching all the way back to Virgil, Cicero, Aristotle and Homer. I like to think that I am a citizen of region of our planet which stretches from the beautiful Adriatic coast to the equally beautiful Welsh mountains, from Greece’s Cyclades to the isles of Scotland, from the forests of Germany to the green hills of Ireland, from the Baltic coast to the beaches of Portugal. I like feeling at home in Rome and Prague and Amsterdam, because I am a citizen in each of them". The New European

No mention of Russian literature, painting or music...

One could argue that most of us are happy to share the common European cultural heritage, and want to feel an essential part of Europe - a different matter from wanting to remain in an unreformed political union?

I like to be a citizen of a community which can also boast admiration for, and identify with, Chinese calligraphy, poetry and porcelain, Afro-American blues and jazz, Ethiopian art, Australian Aboriginal art, Middle Eastern  and North African 'ud music  and a lot more besides...

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