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Sunday, 19 March 2017

OECD Better Life Index 2016; Happiness as a Goal; Gross National Happiness; Happiest Country, 2017

Maybe time for the UK and its constituent nations to take note?

Statistics here

The eleven countries with the highest scores

Measuring national well-being in the UK

International Day of Happiness, March 20, 2017 - "A profound shift
in attitudes is underway all over the world. People are now recognising
that 'progress' should be about increasing human happiness and wellbeing,
not just growing the economy. March 20 has been established
as the annual International Day of Happiness and all 193
United Nations member states have adopted a resolution
calling for happiness to be given greater priority.

First ever UN conference on Happiness and wellbeing

In 2011, the UN General Assembly adopted a resolution
which recognised happiness as a “fundamental human goal”
and called for “a more inclusive, equitable and balanced
approach to economic growth that promotes the happiness
and well-being of all peoples”. In 2012 the first ever
UN conference on Happiness took place and the UN
General Assembly adopted a resolution which decreed
that the International Day of Happiness would be observed
every year on 20 March. It was celebrated for the first time in 2013".

BBC iPlayer: The Big Questions from 23.45 mark -
Does a nation's happiness matter?

The World Happiness Report

Bhutan and Gross National Happiness

Gross national happiness in Bhutan: the big idea from a tiny state 
that could change the world,

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