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Thursday, 23 March 2017

Corfu Port Roundabout Construction Delays - οι εργασίες κατασκευής του νέου κόμβου στο Λιμάνι.

I've been reading about the lack of progress with the construction of a huge new nodal roundabout or intersection at Corfu Port, on the road leading to Mandouki. It seems to have been left unfinished.

Any progress with repairs to the damaged seaside promenade at Garitsa?

Comments welcome, as the online reports aren't clear. Problems at both end of the town?

Here's a piece- and a photo- from Corfu Post - but I'm none the wiser. When will the work be finished?

Update, 12 April, 2017: New roundabout, "node" at Corfu Port is ready for Easter (just about), Corfu Post

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