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Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Corfu Dawn, Vitsa Dawn; Sappho Distich


   Our songs must end, companions dear,
the east is bright and day is near.

Lyra Graeca I, Sappho 65
Translated by Theodore Stephanides

from Sweet-voiced Sappho, Colenso Books, 2015

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Sappho's Leap, Lefkas:

"Let me return to Mytilene's fields
among the maidens whom, in other days,
I taught to dance before your holy shrine
and sing your joyous praise.

As once the ships of the Atridae sailed
from Ilium, saved by your protecting hand,
likewise, O Hera, guard me on my way
to my own native land".

From "Sappho in Exile", translated by Theodore Stephanides
from "Sweet-voiced Sappho", Colenso Books.

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