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Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Greece Reaches Agreement With Creditors (??)

From Reuters - Exclusive: Greece, EU/IMF lenders agree on key labour reforms, pension cuts - sources

"Greece will cut pensions by up to 1 percent of GDP in 2019, two officials told Reuters on condition of anonymity. Lowering the tax-free threshold to save roughly another 1 percent of GDP has also been agreed, an EU official said...On labour reforms, Greece will not be forced to ease present restrictions on collective redundancies initially sought by the IMF, another official said."

From Greek Reporter

Updates, Back and Forth: Από το 2019 η μείωση συντάξεων

Επίσπευση των μειώσεων στις συντάξεις κατά ένα χρόνο απαιτεί το ΔΝΤ, Kathimerini

More from Kathimerini

Bid to get SYRIZA behind deal as euro zone officials meet, eKathimerini

"Greek and European officials refuted a Reuters report that a deal had been reached on pensions and labour reforms on Wednesday and sources said it was unlikely bailout monitors would return to Athens imminently".

Το ασφαλιστικό φρενάρει τη συμφωνία, Kathimerini - Αβέβαιη η επιστροφή των θεσμών

Gov’t, lenders edge closer to deal but IMF has new demands, eKathimerini - "Greek and foreign officials remained at loggerheads over key issues including pensions and labour market reforms".

Considerable cuts are coming to 1.4 million pensions from 2019, eKathimerini

The Back and Forth continues:

Athens and creditors search for elusive deal to complete review, eKathimerini

"A letter sent by Finance Minister Euclid Tsakalotos to the institutions last Monday proposing a different way to cut the equivalent of 1 percent of gross domestic product in pension spending from what had been agreed with the lenders just a few days earlier complicated matters".

New Hurdles in Greece’s Bailout Talks Delay Review, Greek Reporter

One Step Forward and Two Back - Κάνοντας ένα βήμα μπρος και δύο πίσω, Kathimerini

Some Facebook satire from Only True  -       Τσίιπρας: O αποτυχημένος παπατζής.

As austerity digs in, Greek courts are battleground on foreclosures,eKathimerini

Sales of Greek Real Estate Properties to Foreigners on the Rise, Greek Reporter

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