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Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Sir Oliver Letwin - What Brexit Means

From Euro-Guido - BBC Newsnight

Oliver Letwin (Member of Parliament for West Dorset): “We’re leaving. We’re leaving the single market and the customs union. We’re going to have control over our own migration. If you want that it implies that you’re leaving the single market. We’re going to be able to negotiate our own free trade deals with the rest of the world. If you want that you have to leave the customs union. That’s all pretty clear.”


"I saw recently a report in one newspaper suggesting that my friend, George Osborne, has begun to write a book about ‘The Age of Unreason’. I haven’t yet had a chance to ask George whether this report is accurate – but various events recently have made me think that he may be on to something.

I was really quite horrified to see, a couple of weeks ago, some newspapers attacking very senior judges of the judgement they had given about whether the triggering of Article 50 to initiate formal talks on Brexit requires an Act of Parliament.

Not myself being a lawyer, I don’t have any competence to take a view on whether the judges were, as a matter of law, right or wrong about this. And, to tell the truth, I don’t think it has any practical significance either way – since I am absolutely convinced that Parliament will very quickly pass the necessary Act if the Government brings a Bill to it.

One way or the other, Article 50 is going to be triggered on schedule".

Another development  - From The Guardian: Irish courts to be asked to intervene in Brexit legal process

More on this case

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