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Saturday, 3 December 2016

Jubilee Hall, Poundbury: Exhibition; Farmers' Market in Queen Mother Square

Surely this space could be a huge success as a pannier market (as intended), rather than as offices?

"Jointly hosted by Celebrating Poundbury and The Brace of Butchers. The exhibition celebrates the 25 years since the planning and building of Poundbury started. It features the people who live and work in Poundbury as well as the founding craftsman and developers who helped create the development. The exhibition was commissioned by the Duchy of Cornwall for the special historic visit last month by Her Majesty The Queen, The Duke of Edinburgh, their son The Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall. The exhibition was designed by Celebrating Poundbury Magazine and photographed by Katharine Davies". 


Just around the corner, Running Free, Ringhill Street (Celebrating Poundbury)

Is the Queen Mother facing in the right direction?

As intended:

As the statue is now positioned, HRH appears to be looking straight at The Duchess of Cornwall.

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