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Thursday, 22 December 2016

On Life and Death, Llewelyn Powys

"Love life! Love every moment of life that you experience without pain." 

Llewelyn Powys (on his deathbed)

"No human being should ever wake without looking at the sun with grateful recognition of the liberty of another day; nor give himself to sleep without casting his mind, like a merlin, into the gulfs between the furthest stars." 

"Natural Happiness", Llewelyn Powys.

 “The unspeakable privilege of merely being above ground”.

Llewelyn Powys, “Death” in “Ebony and Ivory”. 

"Is it not absurd that we cannot be happy in our little life that is so soon over? Yet who can regulate the lone cry of the curlew or the cry of the eagle in the clouds!"

Llewelyn Powys, Letter to H. Rivers Pollock, 1930.

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