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Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Europe, The Year Ahead: Debating The European Model; David Rennie, NPR (US National Public Radio)

Transcript of the NPR interview with David Rennie

David Greene talks to David Rennie of The Economist magazine about the year ahead for Europe.

Extract (conclusion):

DAVID RENNIE: "What I would say to those voters is if you vote for those policies that sound like they will be kind of emotionally satisfying, that sound like they punish your enemies, you can do that. You can vote for that. That's your democratic right. But understand that that could come with costs. Understand that perhaps some of these demagogic leaders in some countries are promising you things that A, they can't deliver and B, will have costs that you don't yet understand. Because, you know, you can thump the table. You can be selfish. You can be much more aggressive. You can raise barriers, build walls, but there are costs behind those actions".

DAVID GREENE: "And what's the number one cost you would bring up if you were having a conversation with a voter like that?"

DAVID RENNIE: "Your job. If - I mean, the number one thing that all those voters bring up with all of us reporters who cover politics is good jobs and a better future for their kids. And that's exactly what I think is imperiled by this false promise of closure and closed borders and walls".


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