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Sunday, 18 December 2016

Bruce Springsteen on Desert Island Discs; PBS Newshour Interview

Happy listening! BBC Radio 4 (29 days left on BBC iPlayer)

Bruce's eight choices include "Hound Dog", "Like a Rolling Stone", "It's All Over Now", and "I Want to Hold Your Hand".

His comments - Which eight songs would Bruce Springsteen take to a desert island?

On "Hound Dog"

“When I heard it, it just shot straight through to my brain. And I realised, suddenly, that there was more to life than what I’d been living. I was then in pursuit of something and there’d been a vision laid out before me. You were dealing with the pure thrust, the pure energy of the music itself. I was so very young but it still hit me like a thunderbolt...It sounds great to this day. We still base our snare drum sound, one of the ultimate snare drum sounds, on Hound Dog.”

PBS Newshour Interview

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