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Sunday, 25 December 2016

Panos Karnezis on Artists and Writers Surprised by the Brexit Referendum Vote; Πάνος Καρνέζης

From BBC World Service, The Cultural Frontline ('The Stories of 2016 Through Art and Culture')  - Listen, BBC iPlayer, from 10.40-12,56 points

"Novelist Panos Karnezis reflects on why artists and writers were taken by surprise by Britain’s vote to leave the European Union".

The London-based Greek novelist asks himself whether 'self-important, self-referential' artists and politicians (especially those living in London) may be out of touch with the 'real world', and may need to hone their skills of observation and empathy. Their fingers weren't 'on the pulse'. A bit smug and insular, in short?

On Panos Karnezis

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