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Sunday, 25 October 2015

Richard Pine on Greece: New Book, "Greece Through Irish Eyes"

From Kathimerini - "The Irishman who loves and mourns Greece", Nick Malkoutzis

Richard Pine: "I object to the way the EU has developed from the vision of its founders, into a centrist, determinist, German-dominated financial center, not least because the crisis in Greece, Ireland, Spain and Portugal demonstrated so clearly that the eurozone was ill-conceived and makes the whole EU vulnerable to supranational and supracontinental forces which are joyriding the universe".

"Greece Through Irish Eyes" (Amazon). I am reading it now!

Greek News Agenda

RTE 10 Review

The Irish Times, on book launch - "EU is detrimental to Ireland and Greece, says writer Richard Pine"

Athens Books Launch - 'Loving, mourning of modern Greece goes together' (Athens News Agency)

Peter Hegarty review in The Irish Catholic - "When an authoritative writer such as he calls for Greece – and Ireland – to leave the EU, and abandon the euro, one listens with respect."

Read also, Simon Baddeley's customer review on

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