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Sunday, 4 October 2015

Greece: Various Developments; The European Central Bank; 48 Prior Actions for Implementation

From the Telegraph -European Central Bank sued by 200 investors over Greek debt deal - Central bank accused of violating its creditor status in case which opens door to host of legal action

Austerity Measures:

Naftemboriki: Tα 48 προαπαιτούμενα - Ολόκληρη η λίστα: Ο κατάλογος με όλες τις μεταρρυθμίσεις θα παρουσιαστεί τη Δευτέρα στους υπουργούς Οικονομικών της Ευρωζώνης

Greek Reporter

From Keep Talking Greece: 48 Prior Actions (Part 1)

Part 2

Bloomberg: Making Good Greece's Promises

Greece: Church and State, The Economist -
Greece's ruling leftists soften their secularism, Oct 11th 2015, ERASMUS | KERKYRA

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