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Sunday, 4 October 2015

Greece: The Destruction of Traditional Wooden Boats and Caiques; EU Directive and Compensation Paid to Fishermen

I'd missed this at the time, but the topic has recently been discussed on the radio again (eg Manos Tsilimidis on Real FM - Ο ΜΑΝΟΣ ΤΣΙΛΙΜΙΔΗΣ ΣΤΟΝ REAL FM 97.8 - "Άγρυπνος στον Real".)

An old story - still a great loss, from Greek Reporter, 2011

Greek Islands Travel report

Details of a petition

"Because of overfishing and stricter EU regulations, life for fishermen is becoming more difficult. Many small-scale fisherman do not continue and only the big boats survive - large trawlers which suck the sea empty. The EU pays high sums of money for fishing boats to be withdrawn, and the small-scale fishermen choose the money to start a new life or to buy a new plastic boat which needs little maintenance. Over the last ten years more than 10,000 beautiful handmade wooden caiques - the traditional old Greek fishing boats - have been destroyed, according to the Hellenic Friends of Traditional Boats
(Πολιτιστικός 'Ομιλος Φίλων Παραδοσιακών Σκαφών)".

Plastic and fibreglass boats have been bought in place of the traditional wooden craft.

Hull salvage, from the Traditional Boat Association of Greece

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