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Thursday, 29 October 2015

Colossus of Rhodes? La Tour de Naillac?

From Greek Reporter - ‘Colossus of Rhodes Project’ to Revive One of Ancient World’s 7 Wonders

What a ghastly statue design/artist's impression - M. commented: "The Kamaki of Rhodes".

Any better? "Mayor Pushes Forward to Rebuild Rhodes Colossus"

"At any rate the story that it stood straddling the harbour with its huge legs is a medieval confection". Lawrence Durrell, Reflections on a Marine Venus.

The current Mayor might be better advised to concentrate on the Tower of Naillac.

I helped my old friend Alexander Myriallis (and the Mayor of Rhodes) in the mid-1970s, to track down images of the tower, eg the work by J M W Turner.

William Finden engraving, after Turner

They had a realistic and well-researched archaeological and architectural project to reconstruct the tower.

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