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Thursday, 15 October 2015

Britain and the EU: Jean-Claude Juncker

From The Telegraph - What did Jean-Claude Juncker say about Britain? EU chief's Brexit remarks disputed - "European Commission President appears to downplay risks to United Kingdom of leaving bloc, in disputed remarks to MEPs"

"Jean-Claude Juncker has appeared to suggest that Britain does not "need" the European Union, in disputed comments before the European Parliament".

Simon Jenkins, The Guardian - "The EU is a sham. Vote no to let a new Europe take root".

David Cameron bows to EU pressure for written list of demands - "Prime minister to write to Donald Tusk to detail changes he wants to see ahead of British referendum on membership, after previously refusing to do so" - The Guardian

The reluctant European -"There is a growing risk that Britain will leave the European Union. It needs to be countered", The Economist

What actually happens if Britain leaves the EU? Christopher Grey, New Statesman

The Economist: Never Closer Union

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