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Saturday, 17 October 2015

Medieval Music in Dorchester: Richard and Elizabeth York

A fascinating talk with excellent performances on an intriguing variety of instruments -  Richard and Elizabeth York at the County Museum last night. I loved the sounds, from the piercing hautbois to the bagpipes and the buzzing strings of one of the harps - and some beautiful singing by Elizabeth. I admit I was hoping to hear a taksim improvisation when I saw their Turkish saz/baglama.

The buzzing harp strings reminded me of the sound of the Ethiopian "begena", or Harp of David.

Another kind of harp for Elizabeth to add to her collection?

Some extracts from their CD "Playing for Time"

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Whilst searching the web, I also came across this Soundcloud concert by the recorder trio TritonE, A Musical Biography of King Richard III

"TritonE is a recorder trio which specialises in the performance of historical music. The TritonE members are active researchers, frequently working with orginal manuscripts and facisimiles, and their musical interpretations are based in historical theoretical and practical writings about music".

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