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Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Overhead Power Lines, Natural Beauty, Landscape and Visual Impact: Winterbourne Abbas, Dorset

From The Telegraph - Power lines to be taken down at cost of £11 million per pylon -
"National Grid unveils £500 million plans that will result in less than 10 miles of overhead power lines being removed from beauty spots"

The Dorset AONB - National Grid

"There was a general consensus at the stakeholder event that the section of line from Winterbourne Abbas south-east to the edge of the South Dorset Escarpment at Bronkham Hill provides the best option for undergrounding works. However, stakeholders pointed out that it would be challenging to find locations for sealing end compounds in the AONB’s open landscape. Burying the cables underground was the preferred option with members of the public that attended the event. It was felt that screening or camouflaging pylons would not be beneficial to the area. Attendees highlighted the impact that undergrounding would have on the landscape and that there was a need for restoring the land if such an option were to be taken forward."

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