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Friday, 4 September 2015

A Song of London and Corfu: "The Nights Are Closing In"

Listen to "The Nights Are Closing In" (YouTube)

From Raul Scacchi's CD album "Cooking Friends"

This is a song I wrote (words and music - ie  a simple melody originally for guitar accompaniment) many years ago. When did you last have to put coins in the meter in a cold London flat, in order to light a gas fire?

One of three of my songs that Raul Scacchi chose to include on "Cooking Friends" - in an exciting arrangement, with full orchestration. It's a bitter, bluesy song of separation, which Stefanie Kaloudis sings with deep feeling and a lot of soul. Many of the other tracks on the CD are really cooking! Raul and David Green perform some rocking blues (six of these David Green songs first appeared on "Cooking Friends").

Raul also designed the CD booklet. You can hear more of Raul's music here: 

Narcissus, a song from the Neuromantics CD (video) The first of three YouTube video interpretations

Eurydice video

Man Friday video

Raul's art works can be seen here:

"Who's that cooking in the pot?"

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