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Thursday, 3 September 2015

Dorset: Dorchester Town Centre and Poundbury; Businesses Moving?

From viewfromonline:

"Some parts of Dorchester’s main shopping area are suffering because of the success of Brewery Square and Poundbury. That claim comes as several shops remain empty in the southern end of South Street. Fuel has been added to the debate this week with a report which suggests that 25 per cent of businesses opening in Poundbury have come from elsewhere in the county town".

The Dorset Echo online report on the same topic was almost immediately removed. Strange. "We cannot find the page you were looking for"  - even though it comes up first on a Google search:

Concerns that Poundbury is 'taking businesses away' from ... 19 Aug 2015 - CONCERNS that Poundbury is 'taking businesses away' from Dorchester town centre have been raised as a survey revealed a quarter of firms ...

The claim has been refuted by the Duchy of Cornwall office (Wessex FM)

"Estate Director Simon Conibear spoke on Wessex FM so that he could set the record straight:

'What has arisen has caused, I think, a bit of a query in a press report that 25% of businesses from Dorchester Town Centre had moved to Poundbury. Of Course that's not at all correct.'

'Of our 170 businesses here in Poundbury about 35-40 came originally from Dorchester or another part of Dorchester.'

'Poundbury is part of Dorchester , just every bit as much as Fordington, for example is part of Dorchester, and with a growth area, so I don't think people should be too worried if businesses are moving from one part of Dorchester to another.'"

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