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Monday, 6 August 2018

Vitsa, Zagori: August Event Programme, 2018; Kitsos Harisiadis CD; Lament from Epirus

I can't be at the panigyri, but at least I have the marvelous (essential) CD of music recorded by the great Kitsos Harisiadis between 1929 and 1931.

Listen to two YouTube tracks from Kitsos Harisiadis, Lament in a Deep Style, 1929-1931:

Congratulations, Chris!

Chris King's playlist, from The Wire

Chris King at the Greek Institute (Video)

Some UK reviews of his book, Lament from Epirus:

"...[a] remarkable book...Now go find "Lament From Epirus" - it's on CD and YouTube - thanks to King and listen to it. That, in the end, was what drew me to the book: I needed to know what this allegedly pre-Homeric stuff sounded like and how it survived. King tells us, and I'm glad he did." --Ed Ward, Financial Times

"...superb book...A highly recommended read, then, for anyone interested in the music of the southern Balkans, the roots of European folk music, the aesthetics of vernacular music or the philosophy of record collecting." --Songlines

"The book is a great read in itself, but for aficionados of hardcore folk music, it's essential, grappling as it does with what might lie (perhaps deeply buried) in the heart of the music we love." --fRoots

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