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Sunday, 5 August 2018

Lyme Bay Fisheries and Conservation Reserve, Dorset

I have just read an excellent article by Dr, Owen Day about the successful Lyme Bay Marine Reserve, in the August 2018 issue (No. 233) of The Marshwood Vale community magazine. I don't think it is available online yet. He writes of "a real conservation success story where fishermen and scientists are working together to protect marine life and the livelihoods of their communities".

Information about the reserve here

Governing Marine Protected Areas: Lyme Bay, Horatio Morpurgo, The Ecologist, February 2017

There is a comprehensive evaluation framework in place.

About Dr. Owen Day (Linked-in profile):

"Dr Owen Day obtained his Bachelors in biochemistry from Oxford University in 1988, and his masters and doctorate in marine biology from the University of Wales in 1991 and 1996 respectively. He was a founder member and director of the Buccoo Reef Trust, an environmental NGO based in Tobago where he lived for eight years. He is now Director of Ecosystem-based Adaptation at the CARIBSAVE Partnership, a not-for-profit company with offices in Barbados, Jamaica and the UK. He has spent the last 18 years developing programmes in marine research, education and conservation in the Caribbean, and more recently his work has focused on the impacts of climate change and the development of adaptation strategies. Much of this work has involved creating partnerships between the private sector, governments, communities and scientists in order to improve the management of coastal ecosystems and increase the sustainability of livelihoods and resilience of vulnerable communities. He is currently the leading the Caribbean Fish Sanctuary Partnership Initiative ( a £2.1million UKaid funded project supporting Caribbean MPAs. Dr Owen Day is also involved in the production of documentary films, which he believes should play a greater role in making environmental sciences more accessible and relevant to the Caribbean public".

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