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Thursday, 2 August 2018

Corfu, Greece: Disinfestation and disinfection of public areas on Corfu - see where and when; Εντομοκτονία, μυοκτονία, απολυμάνσεις δημοσίων χώρων σε περιοχές της Κέρκυρας

From Enimerosi: Disinfestation and disinfection of public areas in Corfu - see where and when

In Greek: Εντομοκτονία, μυοκτονία, απολυμάνσεις δημοσίων χώρων σε περιοχές της Κέρκυρας

Ironical Sign...

A "rueful reappraisal" of Corfu's problems, from The Sunday Times magazine, thirty years ago:

Impressions in the Sand: Corfu, by Gerald Durrell.

The Sunday Times (London, England), Sunday, January 24, 1988, Issue 8529.

Gerald Durrell had revisited Corfu in late July 1987.

"As an outsider, I can only offer advice and most of it unpalatable to the tourists and to the Corfiots themselves. For a start, there must be strict control over all building work...Second, stop all night flights. The island has reached saturation point...Thirdly, do something about the sewage , which, on the Corfu town side, is being poured into an almost land-locked sea...Fourth, organise proper garbage disposal of all the awful detritus that tourism brings, ranging from plastic containers to hypodermic syringes...Nature, once destroyed, can never be recreated." Gerald Durrell.

Some unwelcome advice and a warning worth repeating again and again.

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