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Friday, 10 August 2018

Cornwall: Over-tourism warning; Unsustainable overcrowding; car parks full, litter bins can't cope, roads congested

Does this sound familiar?

Over-tourism, from Cornwall to Corfu....

Is the TV series "Poldark" is partly to blame in Cornwall, and "The Durrells" in Corfu?

Visit Cornwall chief urges visitors to stay away from county’s beaches, Travel Weekly

“The danger is that the car parks get full so no one can get parked, the footpaths get damaged, the litter bins can’t cope with the rubbish and the locals can’t get anywhere because the roads are so congested. So we end up with frustrated visitors and really frustrated locals. That’s what we want to avoid. This is a sustainability issue.”

From The Times

Does over-tourism damage the environment and the quality of life for residents, whether in Cornwall or on Corfu?


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