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Tuesday, 17 July 2012

IMF warning, Greece.

Wall Street Journal report

From the article:

The IMF warned that Greece's loan program risked being derailed...

Without further policy changes, the country's budget deficit will trend towards 1.5% to 2% of GDP, versus the 1% planned in the latest revised emergency loan program, the IMF said.

The latest tranche of a joint E.U./IMF bailout program has been delayed amid Greece's political turmoil, again raising questions about the ability of Athens to pay its debt obligations. New bills are soon coming due and the IMF is planning to send a team to Athens in the coming week to see how--and if--the program can be put back on track. That could take several weeks, pushing any potential loan salvation to the eleventh hour again.

More difficult cuts to be found (Greek article, www.in.gr)

Keep Talking Greece on MPs' benefits

Irate Greek on same topic (October 2011)

OECD Chief Economist (Kathimerini)

ECB on Greek bonds

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