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Friday, 13 July 2012

Father Paisios the Athonite

Some sayings of the Elder Paisios:

Father Paisios said, " I often see a strange thing that occurs with religious people, reminding one of a vegetable market. There everybody shouts. One says, take oranges; another says take beets, and so forth, each in order to sell their own stuff. Something similar happens with Christians. Some say if you enter this association you'll be saved. If you go there you'll be saved. However, many people are not for here or there but for somewhere else..."
The elder spoke again on the same theme, "Someone wants to paint icons, has decided to become an icon painter, to make icons which will perform miracles; may it be. Another wants to become a married priest; it is my joy. One wants to be unmarried; let him be unmarried. One wants to be a monk? He should be helped accordingly. All do not fit in one basket. Some set people to do things contrary to whatever they can do."

These sayings sound quite sensible and liberal. Why are so many dubious "prophecies" attributed to the Elder Paisios?

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