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Thursday, 5 July 2012

Greek Response to Cameron's Comments

Kathimerini article on David Cameron's unhelpful comments

What Mr Cameron said

I am told that a Greek Facebook-user has posted photographs of the Acropolis Caryatids in the British Museum, suggesting that they should be among the first unwelcome Greeks to be returned from whence they came.

Athens News 13 July, Panayiotis Kouroumplis (SYRIZA):

"When I see that the British prime minister speaks unacceptably against the Greeks (that the UK could close its borders if Greece leaves the euro), I say that at least Britain should remember that this poor population fought by their side heroically in two world wars. Greece did not choose the path of northern European countries, which surrendered unconditionally, and it thus suffered tremendous losses in human life and infrastructure".

Final Thoughts by Nick Malkoutzis, Inside Greece

Kathimerini, On Immigrants in Greece (plus video) and the Human Rights Watch report

Athens News report

New York Times report

The Mirror on binge-drinking Brits

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