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Friday, 6 July 2012

Dylan Thomas on Corfu and "a bucket of Greek sun"

I'm finally beginning to come round to Dylan Thomas's point of view - if only because I'm having a hard time coping with temperatures above 35 degrees.

In Corfu: too much sun, too many tourists, too much political and economic frustration.

I can't write or concentrate in such heat and hassle.

I've reached a decision to stop frying my brain. So I've escaped to the Pindos mountains of Epirus, in order to meet some deadlines. Maybe this is the beginning of "islophobia". I hope not. All next week the forecast for Ioannina is 38-39 degrees (even hotter than Corfu)- you can't win!

A fine response from Simon Baddeley at Democracy Street.

And a 20% increase in British arrivals in Corfu in June (Kathimerini). Could be on account of the heavy rains in the UK? See "Britons head overseas to escape the rain (Telegraph)

Prolonged heat wave in Greece

Whatever. It was time to head for the mountains. I'm glad for Corfu. I'm not one of those who see the Brits on Corfu like this Sunday Times cartoonist once did:

Did he have Agni or Kavos in mind? (Joke)

Maddie Grigg wishes she was back in Greece 

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