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Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Greece: Emergency Property Tax for 2012

Keep Talking Greece has an update on the emergency property tax, payable from August 2012

More general information on Greek taxation liabilities, found on the net, and a useful pdf file with more detail (in English)

All information of this nature needs to be checked thoroughly- and regularly- with accountants or the appropriate authorities

And this is one of the reasons why...

Update, July 14, Keep Talking Greece

Update, July 13, Athens News:

"The government will also review tax laws and create incentives for certain categories of foreign nationals, such as retirees, to encourage them to establish tax residence in Greece" (George Gilson, "A More Just Tax System?").

Reports of tax evasion (Athens News)

No power cuts if you don't pay (Kathimerini)

Update, 16 August, Keep Talking Greece

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