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Sunday, 8 August 2010

Did Gerald Durrell have the Corfu blues? "Corfu", by Gerald Durrell, Sunday Times magazine, Impressions in the Sand series

This is from a January, 1988, feature article, entitled "Corfu", by Gerald Durrell (from a Sunday Times magazine travel series, Impressions in the Sand). I now have confirmation from The Sunday Times that it was published on 24 January 1988, before the articles in the series by Margaret Drabble and Dirk Bogarde. Gerald revisited Corfu in late July 1987.

Information from The Sunday Times (with thanks to Clare Conway):
Impressions in the Sand.
Gerald Durrell.
The Sunday Times (London, England), Sunday, January 24, 1988; pg. 16; Issue 8529. (3722 words)
Category: Feature Articles.

Gerald Durrell describes how he fell in love with Corfu when he was eight years old, but how the island has since been ravaged by the disease of tourism.

"The people of Corfu were blessed with a magnificent, magical inheritance, an island of staggering beauty, probably one of the most beautiful islands in the whole of the Mediterranean. What they have done with it is vandalism beyond belief".

Strange to say, that is not how visiting friends from Northern Europe and Australia seem to see it. They absolutely love it here and constantly praise its beauty, from Dassia to Palaiokastritsa.

See also, Dirk Bogarde's article on the Riviera, reprinted from the same Impressions in the Sand series (14 February 1988). Other articles in the series of six; Sue Townsend on Majorca, Howard Jacobson on the Costa Brava, Jack Rosenthal on the Algarve, Margaret Drabble on the Amalfi Coast of Italy.

Further pages from the Gerald Durrell Corfu article (unable to scan in full)

Better copies, photographed pages:


  1. I can imagine Durrell's Corfu and still love the place and more important respect and value of Corfiot neighbours without illusions about the Pimping of Panorea


    and the aptness of your quote from Cavafy's The City

    Ἒτσι ποῦ τὴ ζωή σου ρήμαξες εδῶ
    στὴν κώχη τούτη τὴν μικρή, σ’ ὄλην τὴν γὴ τὴν χάλαδες

  2. hi, do you have any more information about where this article was published, or even a scan of the full article? I'd love to write a post about it for my blog on Durrell... thanks :)

  3. Somewhere I have the full article (will look for it) but unfortunately the Sunday colour supplement name is not on the sheets I kept. Either the Sunday Times or the Telegraph, I imagine. Maybe someone recognises the font?

  4. Oh thanks - that's great.

    I'm leaning towards the Sunday Times but that's just a gut feeling!

    I did a search on Google news archives but it does not come up with the article at all.

    1. I have located the article and can post you a photocopy if you can send me a postal address. It's four pages, 12.3" x 10"

  5. ...and what paper was it in?

  6. The consensus seems to be The Sunday Times colour supplement, based on the font and style, but I'm not 100% sure.

  7. Finally worked out that it was The Sunday Times colour magazine, probably at the end of 1987 or beginning of 1988 (Dirk Bogarde's article on the Riviera appeared on 14 February 1988. Gerald Durrell's article was the first in the series of 6 articles by distinguished authors, followed by Margaret Drabble's article on the Amalfi Coast). Jim

  8. Managed to check with the Sunday Times. The date of publication was January 24, 1988.
    Impressions in the Sand, Corfu.
    Gerald Durrell.
    The Sunday Times (London, England), Sunday, January 24, 1988; pg. 16; Issue 8529. (3722 words)
    Category: Feature Articles.