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Saturday, 1 April 2017

Bermuda: The Motor Car and the Railway; Mark Twain and Woodrow Wilson on Bermuda

No Motors, Thank You! - Bermuda Railway Net

Mark Twain and Bermuda

Woodrow Wilson's petition against motor cars on Bermuda (also signed by Mark Twain):

"The danger to be apprehended is chiefly from reckless tourists who would care nothing for local opinion or for the convenience and safety of others. This is one of the last refuges now left in the world to which one can come to escape such persons. It would, in our opinion, be a fatal error to attract to Bermuda the extravagant and sporting set who have made so many other places of pleasure entirely intolerable to persons of taste and cultivation".

Royal Gazette, February 4, 1908.

Quoted by Donald Hoffmann, in the excellent book, "Mark Twain in Paradise, His Voyages to Bermuda", University of Missouri Press, 2006.

I'm looking forward to returning to that beautiful island refuge very soon. I am afraid I shall be one of those (albeit cautious) persons who will rent a motor-scooter, I would prefer to drive a small car, but it is still not allowed for tourists to rent a car. Thankfully?

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