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Saturday, 29 April 2017

Baron Neuberger of Abbotsbury, Bridport Town Hall Talk - "A Court Supreme"

An excellent talk by Lord Neuberger, current President of the Supreme Court, at Bridport Town Hall last night, on the independence of the judiciary, the accessibility and openness of the courts, the broadcasting of cases,  the separation of powers, devolution, power and diversity issues, the process for the appointment of judges, and the constitutional crisis concerning the triggering of the Article 50 Brexit clause.

Lord Neuberger dealt with the changes in 2009 from the Law Lords to the Supreme Court, the European Convention on Human Rights (and two key cases when, under UK law, there was "No Right to Privacy", until, under the Human Rights Act, it was judged that there can be infringements of the rights to privacy - eg the Naomi Campbell photograph publication case, when the Law Lords overturned an Appeal Court ruling).

Lord Neuberger answered many questions with wisdom, charm, humour and clarity ("There are no inappropriate questions, only inappropriate answers").

An important event for Bridport and the Bridport Area Development Trust, in support of the restoration of the Literary and Scientific Institute (thanks to Lord Neuberger, and to Charles Palmer, who introduced the event).

I was lucky that I booked early and secured a ticket for this timely, sell-out talk.

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Update, August, 2017, BBC - UK judges need clarity after Brexit - Lord Neuberger

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