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Monday, 17 April 2017

Friends of Paxos Association; Greece; Οι Παξοί; Some Old Friends, and Family, Paxos; ΗΧΩ ΤΩΝ ΠΑΞΩΝ, Μηνιαία Εφημερίδα

"The non-profit association of the Friends of Paxos was created in Paxos in 2015 with the initiative of Faye Lychnou and Chris Boïcos". Facebook page.

"The objective of the association is to initiate, encourage and organize cultural activities of every type on the island - musical concerts and festivals, art exhibitions, art residencies, musical and artistic workshops and other cultural and artistic projects. The association also encourages and participates in projects concerning the island’s architectural, cultural and natural patrimony".

Personal Paxos Links, Old Friends and Family

Old Friends from Paxos:

With Stamatis

Yankos (RIP)


Popi, A Paxiot (RIP)


Nineteenth Century Views of Paxos:

ΗΧΩ ΤΩΝ ΠΑΞΩΝ, Μηνιαία Εφημερίδα

Extracts from some articles and poems (translated by Sofia Vlavianou):

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