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Thursday, 6 April 2017

The Aintree Races

From MailOnline - no comment.

Cool Britannia? Ladies' Day, Aintree - photography as voyeurism or art?

Journalists and bosses to the defence:

"The annual humiliation ritual"

"These photographs, taken of racegoers every year on the first day of the Liverpool meet are, more often than not, designed to shock. We're supposed to throw our hands up in horror at the fashions and fake tan. The portrayal is relentlessly negative - as though dressing-up and having fun were something to be ashamed of. The Grand National Festival organisers have previously criticised the media images of female attendees, calling for them stop the annual humiliation ritual. "We want to overwhelm the negativity, to push the positivity to the front," said managing director John Baker. "Our event is full of character, it's fun, and that's generated by the personality of the Liverpool people."

"Let's not mock the glorious ladies of Aintree. Is there anything more tedious than the annual faux outrage...At the heart of all of this, is a gross snobbery...The endless picture galleries are the 21st century equivalent of Hogarth's Gin Lane" - Bryony Gordon, The Daily Telegraph, 8 April, 2017

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