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Thursday, 6 April 2017

Greece: "Near Bailout Compromise on Pensions and Taxes"; Too Late for Reforms?

From Bloomberg -  "Greece and its creditors are closing in on a deal over the reforms needed to unlock fresh loans for the country, even as Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras warned that a summit of euro-area leaders may be required if an agreement isn’t reached by Friday".

From Greek Reporter: - IMF: Progress Made but Significant Backlog

From To Vima - Eurogroup υπό τη δαμόκλειο σπάθη του αδιεξόδου

Tsakalotos: Measures Agreed With Lenders Will be Legislated in Coming Weeks, Greek Reporter

Το παρασκήνιο της κατ’ αρχήν συμφωνίας στη Βαλέτα, Kathimerini

Update, Frankfurter Allgemeine, 12 April 2017 - "Athen führt die Gläubiger an der Nase herum - Die EU tut so, als setze sie die Griechen unter Druck. Wenn Griechenland schon 2018 wieder auf eigenen Beinen stehen soll, ist es bald zu spät für Reformen".. ("Athens is leading the creditors by the nose - The EU is pretending to put the Greeks under pressure. If Greece is to be on its own again in 2018, it will soon be too late for reforms).

"There has still been no structural change in Greece.The conservative government of Antonis Samaras and the left-wing cabinet of Alexis Tsipras did not identify themselves with the reforms, out of nationalist defiance and populism, but above all because of their ties to their clientele groups" (approximate Google translation).

"Den Strukturwandel in Griechenland hat es immer noch nicht gegeben. Aus nationalistischem Trotz und Populismus, vor allem aber wegen der Bindungen an ihre Klientelgruppen hat sich weder die konservative Regierung von Antonis Samaras noch das linksradikale Kabinett von Alexis Tsipras mit den Reformaufgaben identifiziert".

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