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Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Greek Populism in Perspective

Notice of a lecture just received:

The Hellenic Studies Initiative at the Department of Classics and Mediterranean Studies and the Department of Political Science at the University of Illinois at Chicago -

Professor Cas Mudde (University of Georgia) - From Papandreou to Tsipras: Greek Populism in Comparative and Historical Perspective - Monday, October 24, 4 pm

"For many Europeans, the roller coaster first year in office of the Greek party "Coalition of the Radical Left" (SYRIZA) constituted the hope for a different Europe, beyond austerity and national egocentrism. In his lecture, Professor Cas Mudde will critically chronicle the rapid rise of SYRIZA to argue that SYRIZA is not so much a new European phenomenon, but rather a rejuvenated form of an old Greek phenomenon, left populism, which overpromises and seldom delivers. By putting the phenomenon of SYRIZA within a broader Greek and European context, in which political extremism and populism are increasingly threatening liberal democracy, Mudde argues that Greece is neither a new Weimar Germany nor the future of Europe".


Yanis Varoufakis: "The left never recovered from the fall of the Soviet Union — yet there is hope" - New Statesman - "The Syriza government, in which I served as finance minister from January to July 2015, failed to achieve change because we ended up disunited and the prime minister capitulated to the EU at the moment when he had a mandate from the Greek people to do the opposite".

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