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Thursday, 27 October 2016

US Election Rallies in North Carolina; Kinston; Winston-Salem

From the comfort of an armchair in DC,  I patiently watched both rallies, live-streamed to my PC from North Carolina. The grandchildren (on half-term) had been taken by their father to observe the two rallies on the spot - an imaginative and educational idea, ensuring that they will have seen the next President of the USA (and the current First Lady) in person, whoever wins the election. What an experience! I think I know which of the two rallies will have appealed to these two intelligent young people/teenagers (aged 13 and 12). I look forward to hearing their views tomorrow, as they'll be home late tonight.

Donald Trump Rally in Kinston, North Carolina, by Lexington, The Economist

Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton hold first joint rally in Winston-Salem, WXII News

New York Times - Hillary Clinton Basks in First Lady’s Soaring Popularity on the Campaign Trail

In this campaign, Michelle Obama became more than just another political voice - Tribune Washington Bureau

A FAMILY TRIP TO A TRUMP RALLY - When The Economist’s Washington bureau chief took his children to see Trump, they were more alert to his absurdity than many reporters

 Donald Trump at Kinston (photo D.R.)

With the children in the press pen,
 Hillary Clinton Rally, Winston-Salem

Photos, D.R.

Meanwhile, in Washington DC:

Personally, I'm not into US-style election rallies.

In terms of warm-up musical appeal for the Millennials and younger, I think Sheryl Crow's "Woman in the White House" had the edge. 

Michelle Obama was the most impressive speaker, in my view - but I'm not American, I don't have a vote - and I haven't been following American politics very closely. How many Americans will come out to vote?

I'm glad that I won't be here on November 8th. Sometimes I prefer to watch things at a distance (not so easy when it comes to Brexit issues). Alright for some! Journalists and news agencies will be under huge pressure to ensure round-the-clock coverage. My sympathies.

How to manage under pressure: CEOs (also applies to politicians and journalists?), FT

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