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Friday, 7 October 2016

Bring Back the Half-Crown Coin! Pound falls 10%

Feeling nostalgic for the old half-a-crown coin?

When two shillings and sixpence meant something -
the half-crown coin felt solid and reassuring,
even if our pockets didn't jingle with the coins.

Pound plunges 6% in 2 minutes, FT

Computerized Trades Blamed for Pound’s Plummet, WSJ

Sterling takes a pounding, The Economist

The Independent on Sterling Problems, Ben Chu - "What happened to sterling last night was probably a blip. But the sizeable step downward shift since the Brexit vote feels like a cold-blooded market verdict on the UK’s future economic prospects out of the European Union. And it’s not a positive verdict".

I might wait a few more days before buying US dollars...
and I don't trust "contactless" card payments without a PIN number,
 although they are growing in popularity.

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