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Thursday, 27 October 2016

Poundbury Today: The Royal Visit

Queen Mother statue to be unveiled at Poundbury estate, BBC News

The Royal Pavilion

Strathmore House

The Queen Visits Poundbury, Dorset Echo

Twitter #QueeninDorch

BBC News, Dorset

Watching the BBC live stream in Washington DC - the chatty live reporting and intermittent commentary by Emily Ford seemed rather uninformed and unresearched, ie "Did the Queen Mother visit Poundbury? I don't think there's a statue of  Princess Diana here... The Queen is doing her weekly shop in Waitrose", etc. Poor camera angles - disappointing shots, mostly of the crowd and other press photographers. Then no signal at a critical time!

Fortunately all was well for the speeches and the unveiling of the statue. The audio was audible.

Charles and Camilla enjoy a tipple of ale while the Queen heads to Waitrose, MailOnline - Many photos and video clips

Prince Charles unveils statue in tribute to the late Queen Mother in his Poundbury estate, The Telegraph

The Queen's visit to Waitrose and a local pub, Business Insider 

Photo Gallery, Dorset Echo

A Vision Shared

A Royal Day

The unveiling video Jessica Rees, Dorset Echo

Poundbury welcomes royal visitors, Dorset Echo

A royal revolution: is Prince Charles's model village having the last laugh?The Guardian

The Queen's Visits to Dorset Over the Years, Dorset Echo

Royal train's surprise visit to Weymouth before dropping The Queen off at Dorchester

Waiting for an Audience - Kafkaesque?

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