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Thursday, 13 October 2016

Travelling Blues

It's great to be back in the USA!

Except: I left on the plane, in a side compartment next to the window seat, a small cardboard box with my IPOD and three USB memory sticks. I'm not so concerned about the IPOD and 5000 songs (which are not stored on my current computer's hard disc), but the contents of the memory sticks are largely irreplaceable. Work in progress. Several books in preparation which I planned to continue editing whilst over here.

Trying to contact BA Lost Property at the airport.

I'm more in the mood for T-Bone's blues than for Chuck's joyful celebratory song.

T-Bone Walker, Travellin' Blues

Chuck Berry, Back in the USA

Wish me luck that the missing box is recovered. UPDATE: BA called to say the box has been found.

Four days later: the driver delivered the box at  midnight!

A minor problem when thinking of those on Bermuda (including family), threatened by Hurricane Nicole.

From The Royal Gazette

NASA Image

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