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Saturday, 1 October 2016

Greece: Tsakalotos - Europe, a fairer model of economic development; Debt Relief

From Greek News Agenda

From To Vima - Katrougalos: “No cuts when sum of pensions is under €1,300” Labour Minister claims reform ensures that pensions paid out are fair by avoiding across-the-board cuts

From Bloomberg - Greece’s Least Wanted Man Lives in Maryland

Or crisis and kataigida?

From To Vima - A, Karakousis - Η Ελλάδα των χαμένων ευκαιριών  - Από τα λάθη του Κ. Καραμανλή στις πλάνες του Γ. Παπανδρέου και από την αδημονία για εξουσία του Αντ. Σαμαρά στις διχαστικές εμμονές του Αλ. Τσίπρα – Οι παλινωδίες της κυβέρνησης οδηγούν τη χώρα στην απόλυτη καταιγίδα

See also, Helena Smith, The Guardian, on Home Repossessions (second item) - "Home repossessions are widely seen as a tipping point for Greeks at the sharp end of the biting austerity that has been the price of the debt-stricken country’s rescue from insolvency. But within the 19-member eurozone Greece is also the champion in non-performing loans with the International Monetary Fund estimating that of the €900bn worth of bad loans in the area around €100bn belong to the portfolios of Greek banks".

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